Hello and welcome to a small collection of my sketches, doodles, paintings, patterns, digital art and blog. Faces, dogs, rabbits and more.

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Over the past few years, I've published several books.  I love the democratising of publishing which allows any of us to publish a book easily and economically either to share our work or simply as a record for ourselves.  The book cover photos link to Amazon.com.  You can also see my books on Amazon.co.uk here

Patterns and products

Lately, I've been captivated by surface pattern design, producing purpose-designed graphics or converting existing designs into patterns.  These are then able to be printed on garments and objects such as phone cases and mugs.  I'm using the print on demand site, Redbubble to produce these items.  You can see my store here

Sketchbook Skool

Several years ago a Facebook friend recommended a book on sketching by Danny Gregory.  As a complete newcomer to art, I immediately bought the book and almost immediately rejected it.  There was a RULE!  Danny stipulated that no pencils were allowed!  As a tentative sketcher, I constantly used a pencil so I could erase my shaky lines and restart.  So the book languished in a corner for several months until I started hearing about the wonder that is Sketchbook Skool, founded by Danny Gregory and Koosje Koene.  I enrolled for a Klass and was immediately hooked, wow..it was an eye opener.  I learnt to ditch my pencil, to be brave and draw blind contours, to use lettering creatively, to draw stories and cartoons.  I learnt to be less judgemental, enjoy the process and quieten down my inner monkey, the critic.  All this plus the support and encouragement of a wonderful community of artists and teachers.  

Digital Art

Photoshop artistry, digital art, composite art, fine art photography - call it what you will, this is my collection of photographs, paintings and sketches that have been digitally manipulated/enhanced.  Some photographs are images from stock photography websites such as Unsplash or Pixabay or model websites such as Colby Files, some are my own photos.  Overlays, filters and embellishments are mostly content from the Photoshop Artistry, Awake! and Kaiser Project courses that I've been following for the last couple of years.  More of my work can be seen here at Artboja.


Drawing faces, in graphite or pen, is another passion.  I regularly take part in the 29 Faces meme, which happens every February and September on Facebook.   I use the Sktchy app where people generously share their faces to be drawn by artists and I sometimes dream up my own, self-imposed challenge, as with 100 Faces.  Draw a face every day for 100 days.


Another self-imposed project which grew from an idea in the Kaizen Project (an offshoot of Photoshop Artistry) of donating art to help charitable causes.  I started with a couple of dog portraits for a rescue centre which grew into 40 dogs in 40 days.  I published the resulting images in book form.  The idea was to combine my 'analogue' sketches with digital embellishments and overlays.


Index Card A Day takes place each June and July and is a concept invented by Tammy Garcia over at Daisy Yellow.  Creativity on a plain old index card. In her own words

Simple materials push you to think in new ways. The ICAD challenge is about doing a tiny creative project each day for 61 days. It's not an art challenge and you definitely do NOT need to be an artist to participate. Instead, it's a creative challenge

I discovered ICAD in 2014 and although every year I say I'm not participating, so far I've been drawn back in. This year, 2017, just to make it more of a challenge I decided to follow the daily prompts and incorporate a rabbit into each card!