And it’s back..

I’m struggling with trying to get too much done this week. 29 Faces, blogging, my own deadline of 45,000 words for my book by Thursday (just passed 43k today – I think I’m going to make it!), I want to outline some ideas for a novel, I haven’t been to the cinema for time, no time.  It’s all ridiculousness, of course, there’s no HAVE TO about any of it….and breathe!

And in other news…I finally got this design back up at Redbubble.  If you don’t know the story…I painted a canvas with an abstract design, roughly in the style of Picasso after taking a course on Skillshare.  I converted the painting into a surface pattern design and uploaded it to Redbubble.  After a few weeks, I had an email from them saying they had taken it down because the Picasso Administration had objected because they owned the copyright!   Yep, THE Picasso Administration.  Made my day and I couldn’t stop laughing!  Anyhoo..after some backwards and forwards and then thinking I’d lost the damn file, it’s finally back up and that’s the end of my potential new career as an art forger!



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