Forensic Faces

29 Faces.  Another ‘almost Diana’.  There is something about her face that I find just out of reach and the sketch inevitably turns into a forensic examination of all her features ending up with ‘Spot the Difference’ challenge to anyone who happens to be nearby.  I keep reminding myself that this is not a photograph but at the same time it’s great to achieve a degree of recognition.  I might try one more tomorrow and then move on.  So many faces so little time..

In other news I’m taking this Sunday off.   For over a year we’ve been signed up to a deal with British Gas that gives us free electricity on a Sunday (it is definitely NOT the cheapest scheme now but I like the routine!).  So Sunday is the day I do EVERYTHING.  The washer and tumble dryer are running all day and I bulk cook meals for the week.  Anything that involves a lot of electricity invariably happens on a Sunday.  I look forward to Monday like other people look forward to the weekend.   However today I don’t feel 100% so I’m rebelling and planning a much lazier day.  I bought some books from a ‘Mega Book Sale’ at the library yesterday, two historical reference books, both about the seamy side of London.  I now have an idea percolating for a novel populated with sordid characters!




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4 years ago

I really see Diana in that drawing, and you did way better than I ever good with capturing her essence. <3 Enjoy your day off!