2 become….

one.  No, nothing to do with romance – more about splicing a couple of old cardigans into something wearable.  I forgot to take the ‘before’ pics but imagine two plain small cardigans, bog-standard, button up to the neck, one black, one grey, picked up at a local charity shop for 99p each.   These were very small, so I cut halfway up along the sleeve lengthwise and then, without stopping for breath, cut a curve across the front and back.  I did this to both cardigans with the curve of the black cardigan being slightly smaller than the grey.  I sewed them together along the sleeve and curves, slashed the side seams and added a generous triangle of lace, cut a V neck and trimmed with lace.   The side seam lace came from another charity shop top – cost £1, so total was just under £3.


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