I’m not sure why upcycling clothes has only just appeared on my horizon.  I have a wardrobe full of clothes that don’t get worn for one reason or another, stacks of fabric and trimmings and I live within a five minutes walk of about a dozen charity shops.  So belated though it is, this week I took a few tentative steps towards reconstructed fashion and this was my first attempt.

I bought the lightweight jumper and fine corduroy skirt from a charity shop, chopped them up and sewed them together again.  What fun!  It probably wasn’t the best idea to use a knitted fabric to support even lightweight corduroy.  You may be able to see from the photo that it stretches horribly when hung up.  However, it’s fine when I’m wearing it because I don’t have a straight up and down shape (!) So thanks in no small part to my hips (never thought I’d say that!) it fits pretty well as a knee length tunic to wear over leggings.  I’m generally pleased with the end result – I’m already eyeing the contents of my wardrobe for the next victims.


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