First we had each other


This was my first attempt at using vinyl with my Silhouette Cameo.  I wanted to make something a little different for my stepson and daughter-in-law’s anniversary, the first with a new baby.

The typography ‘first we had each other’ had caught my eye on the Silhouette online store (designed by Lori Whitlock).  After much trial and error I found a suitable photo of my gorgeous granddaughter that would look good as just a white image.

In Photoshop I converted the image to black and white.  I then made an adjustment layer using the threshold setting and used the slider until the photo was recognisable and not too broken up at the edges.  I cut it out thinking that this would just be a test and further tweaking would be needed but to my surprise when I tried it on black card it looked great.

This effect should also be possible to achieve using the online photo editing site  Upload a photo, convert to black and white and in the Adjustment menu choose Threshold and play around with the levels.


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