It’s been 9 months since my last post ?>

It’s been 9 months since my last post

and a lot has happened.  The most significant was that my Mum died in January.  Leading up to her death, when she became increasingly needy of my attention, and the couple of months since then my art output has understandably suffered.   I didn’t stop doing art completely but I wasn’t fully engaged.  l’m beginning to feel better now and I’ve started a few new challenges – Photoshop Artistry, Storytelling and Letter Journals..more about them in future posts.

Journal themes and faking it ?>

Journal themes and faking it

I’m currently running at about 5 sketchbook/journals.  I’ve tried putting everything I draw into one sketchbook but it doesn’t really work.  I need different types of paper/formats etc for different types of work.  Here are the current ones: One kept in my bag for outdoor sketching (Moleskine) One for Sketchbook Skool homework assignments and any sort of home or garden sketches (also Moleskine) One for  ‘Places I’ve Lived and Stuff I Remember’ journal for all things nostalgic (unbranded) One for…

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Words AND pictures ?>

Words AND pictures

When I started this website to display my art I didn’t feel the need to blog in the traditional sense, i.e. writing words.  We all know that a picture is worth a thousand of them, right?  But now I need to talk, if even just to myself, about what I’m doing and use this as a repository for tips, videos, quotes and a few rants, I’m sure.